March 31, 2023

NO EVENING CLASSES TONIGHT 7 rounds of::30 max calories:30 Rest:30 max wall walks:30 Rest:30 max wallballs:30 RestScore total reps

March 30, 2023

2 rounds for time:15 Deadlift 275/20515 toes to rings15 Power Clean 185/13515 toes to rings15 Power Snatch 135/9515 toes to ringsChange your own weight

March 29, 2023

Every 5:00 for 5 rounds:16 box jump 24/2024/20 calories16 burpeeScore slowest round

March 28, 2023

EMOM until failure3 Pullup6 Pushup9 Air SquatMust complete all 18 reps each minute to continue.Score total rounds completed in the minute

March 27, 2023

AMRAP in 22 Minutes of:11 Thruster 75/5511 Power Snatch 75/5511 Box Jumps 24/2011 Push Press 75/5511 CalorieScore round + reps

March 25, 2023

“With a Partner complete:24 Rounds of7 deadlift 95/657 hang power clean 95/657 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65Alternate rounds. You must complete entire round withoutdropping the bar to get credit for the round.”

March 24, 2023

A) Front Squat3-2-1-3-2-1Try and go as heavy as you can each set B) 3 Rounds for time of:24/18 calories18 KB Swing 53/3512 PullupScore total time

March 23, 2023

45 minutes at recovery pace:40/30 calories15 push-up40 step up on low box10 push-up40 sit-ups15 push-up

March 22, 2023

AMRAP in 20 Minutes of:8 front rack lunge 95/658 bar facing burpee8 front rack lunge8 chest-to-bar pull-upScore rounds + reps

March 21, 2023

For time:90-70-50-30-10Calories (70-50-35-21-7 women)Air squatDouble underScore total time

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