Jerk 3 RM, HSPU, Pistols, Push ups



We will have regular morning classes Christmas Eve, no afternoon classes, closed Christmas Day.

15 min to find 3 rep max

20 min EMOM
Minute 1: 10 HSPU
Minute 2: 14 Pistols
Minute 3: 20 Push ups
Minute 4: rest

If you cannot finish each round, DO NOT turn this workout into an AMRAP. Simply do as many reps as you can each round, shooting for the prescribed number of reps.




Back Squat 4RM, HP Snatch, OHS, Burpees Over Bar



Oly Class is tonight at 5:30!

We’ll be open regular morning classes on Christmas Eve, no afternoon classes. Closed Christmas Day.

Back Squat
15 min to find 4 rep max

12 min ascending ladder
3 hang power snatch 95/65
3 oh squats
3 burpees over bar
6 hang power snatch
6 oh squats
6 burpees over bar

Not for time
30 strict toes to bar

*don’t mind the cheesy music

WOW (optional workout of the week)

3 rounds for time
30 wallballs
30 sumo deadlift high-pull 75/55
30 box jump 20/16
30 push press 75/55
Row 30 calories
30 push-ups
10 back squat @ body weight

Rest Day



Active Recovery
Wake up early and go for a walk, an easy hike, or a swim. Get your body moving first thing to help your muscles recover. Set some time aside today to do some mobility, and make sure you’re refueling with good food. See you back on Monday!